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    The Function of Satellite Communications in Military

    We all know that military has several capabilities to support their services for their countries. Most of equipments that they use in the military have special functions. In fact, we must know that military equipments have significant functions that support their jobs. The primary purpose of military services are for helping people as well as […] More

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    A Good Review of Satellite Technology in Military

    We know that satellites are very useful in our lives. People can use it as the primary way to access information and location on earth. Thus, people who work in military also use satellite phone in order to communicate with others. We share information about military satellite phone because there are many good things that […] More

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    Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro2

    Let me tell you a tale about the unsung hero of our modern military. Picture this: you’re in the middle of nowhere, say, the dense jungles of the Amazon or perhaps the endless dunes of the Sahara. Your regular smartphone? It’s just a paperweight at this point. But fear not, because in your other pocket, […] More